Everything Your Heart Desires

CANM Clinic Network

Cardiology Associates of North Mississippi firmly believes its heart is in the right place. With free-standing clinics in Tupelo, Columbus, Starkville, Oxford and Corinth, our proximity to patients across north Mississippi is an important step in offering more convenience and greater access to our growing team of physicians and comprehensive roster of heart-related medical services.

We understand and appreciate that patients want and appreciate the added convenience and flexibility of full service outpatient facilities. We also believe that our willingness to grow and expand to better accommodate our patients is the heart and soul of our practice.

As one of the state’s largest and most respected resources for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions of the heart and vascular systems, it should do your heart good to know that our level of specialized expertise is available to you right here at home. In each of our four outpatient clinics, there’s a team of skilled cardiologists dedicated to meeting the needs of local residents.

Bottomline, quality cardiac care is always paramount. But what good is it, if you can’t get to it? That’s why CANM established a broad-based network—to better serve to the cardiac needs of patients on the local level. Our thinking is that a strong nearby presence, supported by the extensive expertise of our entire north Mississippi clinic network, provides you with the best of both worlds. Easier, close-to-home access to some of the state’s most experienced and respected cardiologists is one more way we offer everything your heart desires.