Everything Your Heart Desires

Everything Your Heart Desires.

Cardiology Associates of North Mississippi can trace its roots back over twenty years to the internists that formed Internal Medicine Associates of Tupelo in 1976. CANM doctors were also responsible for opening north Mississippi’s first Cardiac Catheterization Lab in February 1981, as well as many other accomplishments along the way. Of late, CANM has expanded both geographically and in its breadth of services. As it stands today, CANM boasts 20 full time cardiology specialists, who together cover the continuum of modern cardiac care.

Mississippi ranks well above national averages for obesity, diabetes and lack of exercise, the leading contributors to heart problems. Given these risk factors, Cardiology Associates of North Mississippi has sought to establish a broad based network of outpatient clinics throughout North Mississippi from which we may help identify, diagnose and treat high risk individuals.